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Insecurity and Mental Exposition
Malakai felt himself nodding off for the dozenth time, sleepily attempting to perk up when he realized another blink had remained as closed eyes. He wasn't sure why he was so tired; hanging out with his friend watching a scary movie should've been enough to keep him awake for hours and hours. Of course, it was a movie he had seen before, so maybe that was part of it. He could recite every line if he chose to be annoying enough to do so, could still mentally see every attempt at a plot twist and the sequel bait ending. So it was difficult to stay engaged.
Some part of his mind had to think this was the kind of movie Emilio would probably like, with all the exaggerated gore and hilariously over-the-top violence. Or maybe he'd find it boring due to the unrealistic nature? Would he nitpick? It was always pretty hard to gauge just what was going on in that crazy bastard's head most of the time.
Another blink that resulted in eyes remaining closed much longer than expected. Shit. There were
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Someday I'll post actual writing again, I swear. ^^;


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Three guesses as to which game I've recently become obsessed with. XD
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One can only experience so many absolute failures at keeping friends before coming to accept that the common denominator in the seemingly perpetual loneliness, is themselves.

I feel like I can't keep anyone. Not unless I keep my distance emotionally, but then people will think I'm taking them for granted and will eventually leave anyway.
If I let myself get too close, I wind up hurt. I do or say or just am something wrong, and at some point, people realize whatever it is that's wrong with me and leave.

Hell, I didn't even get a clear reason this time.

I don't know what's wrong with me. Am I too boring? Quiet? Emotional? Childish? Needy? People rarely see their own flaws; why can't people just tell me what to work on so I know what to fix? It'd be a hell of a lot nicer than just leaving me and not telling me why. Dooming me to unknowingly making the same mistakes over and over. Dooming me to perpetual loneliness.
Do I just not deserve to be happy?
I don't know. I know I've still got some flaws that I need to work on fixing, but I thought I was finally starting to do better. I thought I was finally starting to be a better person. Apparently I was wrong.

It's so frustrating. The thing I want the most is a real friendship. I'm stupidly loyal, hell I've been loyal to my own detriment in the past. I thought at least the undying loyalty thing would eventually get me somewhere. But there's apparently something so horrifically wrong with me, that even that isn't enough.

No wonder so many of my characters have issues with depression and/or unhealthy relationships. That's basically my entire life.


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Is frequently confused

(Super adorable babies made by :iconskyski25: )


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Schizophrenia Simulated:

The DA app doesn't have notes, so I'll just leave this here for now. I've been going through these simulators all day but I feel like this one is truly the closest to what Mikhail experiences with his schizophrenia. It's very interesting and sad because the paranoia makes simple things hard to do.
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